Never again to martial law, justice for all victims of state terrorism – Anakpawis

48th anniversary of the declaration of Marcos dictatorship
Never again to martial law, justice for all victims of state terrorism – Anakpawis

Manila, Philippines – As various groups under the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) and affiliated with the Movement Against Tyranny (MAT) marked the 48th anniversary of the Presidential Proclamation 1081 or the declaration of Marcos dictatorship in September 21, 1972, hundreds of members of Anakpawis Party-list held a “lightning protest” in front of the People Power Monument along EDSA in Quezon City, prior to their joining the main event inside University of the Philippines Diliman campus.

The group was mainly composed of peasants and other rural-based groups, workers and urban poor, women and youth, artists and land reform advocates. They mainly called for “Never Again To Martial Law,” “Justice for Echanis, Justice for All” (JEJA) and “Junk Terror Law.” Days before, Anakpawis with other groups launched the JEJA network to hold the Duterte regime for the assassination of its National Chairperson Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis, and victims of extra-judicial killings, including the more than 260 peasant victims.

“The Duterte regime has been public of its threats and intention for an authoritarian rule. Among justification of the enactment of the terror law was to override the legal requirements of declaring martial law, consequently opening the gates of hell to systematic violation of people’s basic and democratic rights. We declare Duterte’s authoritarian rule, state of terrorism, military-led bureaucracy as neo-martial law dictatorship, a circumvention of the classic and legal way of declaring such,” Casilao said in a press statement.

Anakpawis said that the present regime primarily mimicked Marcosian strategy and tactics, initially the systematic and comprehensive carrying out of mass deception to generate public support to its anti-people and anti-Filipino policies.

“As how Marcos lied of his ‘military record,’ his illusionary and sham ‘Filipino Ideology’ introducing ‘New Society’ and ‘revolution from the center,’ at present it was recycled by Duterte as being an ‘anti-crime politician,’ ‘Dutertism’ or his own version of demagoguery and ‘revolutionary government.’ These are all fed through his populist speeches combined with the hugely budgeted government propaganda or ‘fake news’ machinery. Though public disapproval is dramatically rising, there are still some sections who fell victims to these schemes,” he noted.

Moreover, as cronyism was one of the gravest phenomenon under the Marcos dictatorship, Duterte has carried out the same. At present, major economic sectors are dominated by big companies allied to the government, while Duterte continues to threaten those who refuse to totally surrender into his dictates. A regression is, that these firms are openly announced as foreign controlled such as the Dito Telecommunity, which is owned by the China Telecommunications Corp. under the Chinese State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC).

Akin Marcos, Duterte acts as a “strongman” amid his tightly covered up health condition, he appointed retired military officials to civilian posts, essentially creating his own version of military junta. The Marcos and Duterte regime are of the same feather who would not last a single day without the total inclusion of the police and military in their personal cabal.

“His military bureaucrats are criminals against humanity during their counter-insurgency careers. Esperon, Lorenzana, Año and other former generals in his cabinet are experts in attacking the people, not serving the people,” he slammed.

He briefed that Duterte’s rule is nothing but a cloned Marcosian, which is a cocktail of demagougery, mass deception, coercion and outright state terrorism.

“On top of reign of state terrorism, which is now widely criticized by the international community, the Duterte regime is also a kakistocracy or a government by the incompetent and worst men. The Filipino people are all witnesses of the militarist pseudo-response to the pandemic and the criminal abandonment of the people’s welfare,” Casilao stressed.

Ultimately, Casilao claimed that as Duterte is mirroring the Marcos dictatorship in its anti-people rule, it would also meet its similar end.

“The very basis of Duterte’s authoritarian measures are to repress the people. It is directly proportional to the social unrest in the country. The worse he carries out schemes to stay in power, means there is the broadest demand of the people for his resignation,” he ended. ###

Protest and wreath-laying at the People Power Monument in Quezon City. Photos by Amihan.

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