Araw ng Kalayaan “mañanita” protest, defies PNP scare tactics – Anakpawis

Araw ng Kalayaan “mañanita” protest, defies PNP scare tactics – Anakpawis

Quezon City – On the “Araw ng Kalayaan,” the Anakpawis Party-list declared that the “mañanita” protest was a success and an act of open defiance of the people to the scare tactics carried out by the Philippine National Police and other government agencies. It was themed with hashtag “#BawiinAngKalayaan,” referring to the broad opposition of threat to freedom and democracy by the “Anti-Terrorism Bill” or “terror bill,” and the internationally acknowledged puppetry to China of the Duterte government.

“They threatened with arrest, we pushed with the protest, and they could not carry out any arrest, the people’s militant assertion exposed their failure to silence dissent against the regime’s terror bill and evident puppetry to China,” Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao, Anakpawis Party-list former representative who joined the protest, said in a press statement.

He said that protests were held in various parts of the country such as in Manila, Baguio City, Cebu City, Iligan City, Legazpi City in Albay, Santiago City in Isabela and Kalibo, Aklan.

“We believe that the PNP was anxious of being warned against illegal arrest, as there is no law prohibiting the peaceful protest and their claim of banning mass gatherings just because of the dubious IATF rules is garbage compared to the golden provisions of the constitution,” he said.

He also condemned the illegal arrest of 14 activists in Iligan City by the police who could not cite any violation, the harassment on the activity in Manila, and the siege-like harassment of the protest at De La Salle University in Manila.

“While the people is demanding freedom and democracy days before up to this day, government officials on the other hand busied itself by being ‘greeted’ upon arrival in Pag-asa island to be in another country, the state-run media network mistaking Emilio Aguinaldo for Andres Bonifacio, and with Duterte being chatty with the Chinese autocrat Xi Jinping. These are all manifestations of a regime who has surrendered national sovereignty, with total disregard to our history and heritage,” he slammed.

He also criticized President Rodrigo Duterte who is blabbering about emulating the legacy of national heroes to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously, he has no moral ascendancy of citing the sacrifices of our national heroes, as he himself is a threat to the very freedom they fought for in the past. This is also ‘fake news,’ as his speech last year was about hoping for a truly independent country, but did the exact opposite, to the point of putting public health at risk,” he slammed.

Finally, he urged the freedom-loving for a no let-up struggle against the enactment of the terror bill.

“The terror bill is the opposite of freedom and democracy. We must act for its scrapping as it will victimize, not just activists and opposition, but all sectors in the country. Abuses by government armed forces has been systematic and traditional, the bill itself is an instrument of state terrorism against the people,” he ended. ###

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