MECQ senseless without mass testing and transportation for workers – Anakpawis

MECQ senseless without mass testing and transportation for workers – Anakpawis

Manila, Philippines – As Metro Manila is declared under the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), the Anakpawis Party-list slammed the latest government’s ineptitude to effectively respond to the pandemic and mitigate the impact on the economy, as it abandoned the essential measure of mass testing the population and banned mass transportation.

“The MECQ will be useless if there is no mass testing, as obviously the broad population will still be vulnerable to the pandemic, and on its claimed economic objective, that the government has limited resources to aid jobless workers, thus, the partial resumption of businesses and operations, it is outright deterred by the absence of mass transportation,” Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao, Anakpawis Party-list former representative said in a press statement.

He added that this is a two-pronged criminal neglect by the Duterte government to address the pandemic and the socio-economic well-being of poor sectors.

“Clearly, the Duterte regime failed to effectively respond to the pandemic after the two-month lockdown, as it denied the people’s demand for a medical solution last March, primarily mass testing. This blunder is price-tagged with the 0.2% contraction in the gross domestic product,” he slammed.

Moreover, he said that it is visible that the Duterte regime is now passing the bucket of mass testing and transportation to the private sector, as it did to the local government units (LGUs) during the early part of the lockdown.

“It is akin to ‘bahala kayo sa buhay nyo’ redone, and this is obviously criminal neglect of public health and public transportation, spheres which are obviously mandates of the government,” he elaborated.

Finally, he demanded for the Duterte government to take on the duty of carrying out mass tests in the country and public transportation to genuinely mitigate the impact on poor sectors.

“While we are mystified of what happened to the P275 billion budget of the emergency response, we call on its utilization for the medical solution of mass testing, as well as, subsidizing poor PUV operations like of jeepneys and tricycles, to enable poor sectors of sources of livelihood sans urgent government aid. We urge the broad people to support this call,” he ended. ###

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