Anakpawis urges artists and journalists to resist Duterte’s tyranny

Anakpawis urges artists and journalists to resist Duterte’s tyranny

Manila, Philippines – Anakpawis Party-list today urged mainstream artists and journalists to defend press freedom and democracy by resisting the tyrannical acts of the Duterte government, evident at the shutting down of the mass media institution ABS-CBN. It stressed that it is President Rodrigo Duterte’s vindictiveness at work meshed with playing innocent, thus, leaving the officials of National Telecommunication Commissions (NTC) and House of Representatives as scapegoats to fend off public outcry.

“It is well-reported that Duterte has been maligning ABS-CBN in 2017, and in August 2018 and December 2019, threatened not to renew the franchise and blabbered that it is better to be sold. It is public knowledge that the house leadership operates akin to cult followers or lowly bootlickers, thus, the failure to enact the franchise’ renewal. Moreover, NTC acted like the ‘tokhang’ hitman firing the fatal shot,” Ariel Casilao, Anakpawis Party-list former representative said in a press statement.

He is confident that artists and journalists working in ABS-CBN are familiar with this kind of screenplay and will eventually graduate from blaming decoys.

“Some celebrities working in ABS-CBN have huge numbers of followers on social media ranging from 10 to 13 million. We believe that these are their fans who fought hard to keep up their popularity, thus, this is the time that they should be the ones fighting for their fans. If each one of them expressed their ire on the shutdown, the government would be pressed to step back on its machinations,” the former lawmaker elaborated.

He also urged the same working on other big networks such as the GMA and TV5.

“The regime is notorious of making an example out of someone, against opposition and critics or even those independent they are trying to coerce. The shutting down of ABS-CBN is an attack, not against a single private corporation but to press freedom and democracy. Playing safe or acting neutral is the same as siding with the oppressor. We urge everyone in the mass media to condemn the tyrannical act,” he said.

Finally, he cited that it is has been historical that despots or tyrants that undermine press freedom face the consequence and accountability demanded by the people.

“It is clear that the broad people is against the ABS-CBN shutdown. It is already a matter of sustained concrete actions and assertion, needing popular leaders with the courage to take on the biggest threat to press freedom and democracy in the country,” he ended. ###

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