Dutertes adds injustice to thousands of typhoon Yolanda victims with mass housing failure – Anakpawis

Dutertes adds injustice to thousands of typhoon Yolanda victims with mass housing failure – Anakpawis

People Surge demands justice for typhoon Yolanda victims.

Manila, Philippines – On the 6th year anniversary of the gargantuan disaster brought about by typhoon Yolanda, the Anakpawis Party-list slammed the Duterte administration for failing to complete the housing projects more than 200,000 victim families of Eastern Visayas. It was flagged by the Commission on Audit (COA) as delayed and unlivable.

“Duterte who questioned administration officials of the past regime during the campaign period in 2016, has become questionable himself. In November 2016, he said he was unsatisfied of the rehabilitation efforts and said that ‘indolence is part of corruption,’ but on the 6th year under his watch, housing projects are just halfway through,” former Anakpawis Party-list Representative Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao said in a press statement.

Casilao pressed Duterte in 2016 to probe officials of the NHA for their obvious failure, when after three years, construction of housing units were only at 2%. At present, COA flagged that only 117,167 of the 203,471 housing units were completed. It cited various reasons for the incompletion such as land boundary disputes, issues on road right of way, unbuildable area on site, non-issuance/delayed approval of permits, inclement weather condition, change of site location/housing design, issuance of Notice and Order of Termination of Contracts, and termination of contracts.

People Surge leaders lights candle for typhoon Yolanda victims. Photo by People Surge.

“All these excuses boil down to the framework adopted by the NHA prior carrying out these projects, which is not inclusive to the welfare of the beneficiaries and prioritized the involvement of private sectors in developing these sites via the public-private partnership program,” he said.

He said that the crucial could be that the units are not livable due to lack of utilities and accessibility to sources of livelihood.

“The most essential is the location NHA identified and lack of utilities. Even if they complete it 100%, poor beneficiaries, whose sources of livelihood are from fishing, vending or working in cities, or farming, obviously will not reside on these projects. It is similar to other relocation projects of the NHA, which are remote,” he added.

He dared Duterte to sway his decisive blow against incompetent officials of NHA and probe probable corruption.

“He himself branded that the dismal state of rehabilitation reeks of corruption. So, from who threatened those even with ‘a whiff’ of corruption, he should already be sacking officials, unless, he is protecting them,” the former lawmaker said.

Casilao also slammed Duterte as guity of doing typhoon Yolanda victims of injustice when he realigned P5 billion for the Marawi reconstruction. He also covered the already distraught province of Samar to his counter-insurgency Memorandum Order 32, triggering killings of peasant activists and supporters. Peasant communities in the region are heavily militarized with one in Las Navas town in Northern Samar, poured with around 2,500 pounds of bombs by airstrike.

“The victims organized as People Surge are screaming ‘bigas hindi bala’ for many years, but the fascist regime stood callous and unleashed its atrocities against the people of Eastern Visayas. He is hopeless on the typhoon Yolanda victims rehabilitation, and he is a monster for being a criminal against humanity. Amid this, Duterte leaving the victims in distress comes unsurprising as he is a man-made disaster, already sowing death and destruction on the people by himself,” he ended. ###

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