Anakpawis urges minimum wage earners to back P750 daily salary

Assert decent and just living wage;
Anakpawis urges minimum wage earners to back P750 daily salary

Manila, Philippines – Former Anakpawis party-list Rep. Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao has urged workers in Metro Manila and across the country, especially minimum wage earners and contractual workers, to back the petition filed by the labor alliance Unity for Wage Increase Now (U-Win) at the Regional Tripartite Wage Board.

“The petition is another collective initiative of various workers’ groups calling for a uniform national wage increase. In the face of skyrocketing prices of goods and services due to the effects of TRAIN law, a just wage increase is necessary and imperative,” Casilao added.

During the 17th congress, Casilao was the primary author of House Bill 7787 or P750 National Minimum Wage. It was re-filed by lawmakers under the Makabayan block this present congress.

“Raising the daily minimum wage to P750, once approved should serve as an immediate relief to workers to cope with rising cost of living. We should break out from the mass deception attempt of Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) who brazenly opposed the wage hike demand, dangling the bogey of ‘close-shop effect’ if wages are raised. For these profit-hungry capitalists, any wage increase is bad for business,” he stressed.

Anakpawis also denounced ECOP’s selfish and heartless position.

“Workers should not fret with ECOP’s position, instead they should relentlessly push for significant wage increase that would benefit minimum wage earners. Workers should not be contented with the government and employer-approved ‘salary increase’. They should exercise militant and collective efforts to assert for a P750 national minimum wage,” Casilao ended. ###

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