Anakpawis denounces intensified attacks against activists in Metro Manila

Anakpawis denounces intensified attacks against activists in Metro Manila

Manila – Former Anakpawis Representative Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao today express outrage over the raid and illegal mass arrest of three activists belong to the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Manila (Bayan Manila). Casilao blamed the intensified attacks on activists, following the dubious arrest of Cora Agovida and Michael Tan Bartolome on October 31, in Paco, Manila, on the fascist leadership of Police Brigadier General Debold Sinas, who heads the Philippine National Police National Capital Region Office (NCRPO) and his carrying out of the counter-insurgency Implementation Plan Kalasag (Implan Kalasag).

“This is an outright attack on democratic rights of the people and activists who are demanding social and economic reforms. Being activists is not a crime and is sanctioned by the constitution, but the fascist police has weaponized the use of warrant, as entry point of their planting of evidences such as firearms and explosives,” the former lawmaker said.

Quezon City judge Cecily Burgos-Villavert was the one who issued the warrants against the activists in Bacolod City, Agovida and Bartolome, and the latest raid of the office of Bayan Manila. Activist groups believe that there would be more raids using the warrants issued by the judge.

He recalled that Sinas was the PNP Central Visayas chief when the mass killing of peasants and activists were carried out in Negros in December 2018 and March this year. They were the execution of the local counter-insurgency program Oplan Sauron and Synchronized Enhanced Managed Police Operations. Aside from the killings, many activists were arrested and accused of trumped up charges.

“Sinas is a fascist goon of Duterte who does not respect the people’s basic rights, rule of law and due process. His mere appointment to the NCRPO was due to his blood thirsty butchery of activists in Negros. We urge the people to hold him accountable and join the call to immediately release the arrested activists,” he slammed.

Finally, he stressed that the attacks on activist is a prerequisite for Duterte’s absolutist rule or unopposed reign in the country.

“It has been etched in history that after the attacks on progressive movements or those branded as ‘left,’ it continues on other sectors, even on opposition camps in government. Thus, it is the duty of every Filipino to oppose the attacks on people’s basic rights and trampling on due process and rule of law. We must uphold freedom and democracy, against the rising autocracy and despotism of Duterte,” he ended. ###

Activists Cora Agovida and Michael Tan Bartolome, arrested on October 31, in Paco, Manila.
Activists Ram Carlo Bautista, Alma Moran at Ina Nacino, arrested November 5, in Tondo, Manila.
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