Proposed 2-year probationary period, anti-workers, anti-probinsyano, anti-Filipino – Anakpawis

Proposed 2-year probationary period, anti-workers, anti-probinsyano, anti-Filipino – Anakpawis

Manila, Philippines – Amid proposal for a two-year probationary period for workers at the lower house, the Anakpawis Party-list slammed the proposal as “anti-workers, anti-probinsyano and anti-Filipino,” and will only generate the worsening of poverty endured by marginalized and poor sectors. It is being pushed in House 4820 filed by a representative of Probinsyano Ako Party-list.

“Amid the nationwide demand of the Filipino workers to be regularized or secured in their jobs and to earn a P750 national minimum wage, we are hearing this regressive proposal, obviously coming from not a representative of the working class, but upholds the interest of rich capitalists,” Anakpawis former lawmaker Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao said in a press statement.

He added that this intends to make the Filipino labor market to be more flexibile to attract foreign monopolies to invest in the country. Casilao primarily authored House Bill 556 Anti-Contractualization of Labor and HB 7787 P750 National Minimum Wage during the 17th congress.

“It is the anti-thesis of the aspiration of millions of Filipino workers for regular work and better job, this champions the interests of foreign monopoly corporations and oligarchs, to rake giant profits. This is plainly anti-Filipino and undemocratic,” he elaborated.

The Ibon Foundation revealted that some 8.5 million are non-regular workers in the private sector, while 800,000 in government agencies. It said that at worse 7 out of 10 workers are non-regular or agency hired, particularly in the construction sector.

“This bill is immediately against the interest of more than 9 million Filipinos,” he stressed.

But the former lawmaker raised that this is a government policy and could not simply come from the crafting of a supposed representative of a party-list. He will not be surprised if this advances in the lower house.

“The Filipino workers do not forget that it was Duterte himself promised to end ‘endo,’ but ended up signing the redundant EO 51 in 2018. This was his submission to the dictates of foreign monopoly and betrayal of the working class sector,” he said.

Finally, the labor leader is confident that this measure will be thrown into the trash bin of history by the Filipino workers’ movement.

“The Duterte government is already paranoid of the mounting workers’ unrest across the country, the launching of strikes, setting up of picketlines and other forms of protests, all demanding regularization of employment and wage hikes. The real frontline for securing jobs are at the factories and communities. Ordinary Filipinos are all aware that nothing beneficial could come up from Duterte lackey house members, but detrimental to the interests of Filipino and the majority of society,” he ended. ###

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