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Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis: Hero and Martyr of the Toiling Masses

Hundreds join “hero’s funeral march” for Randy Echanis

Manila, Philippines – Amid strict lockdown by the Duterte government under the guise of pandemic response, hundreds of activists and supporters join the bereaved family and colleagues at the funeral march for the assassinated Anakpawis Party-list National Chairperson Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis. The group declared him as “Martir ng Anakpawis” (Martyr of the toiling masses) who worked for fundamental reforms discoursed on such as the free distribution of land to poor peasants on the GARB filed in congress, and the CASER, as being part of the NDFP RWC.

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People’s disapproval of Duterte’s response to pandemic, “as expected” – Anakpawis

“The very miserable and oppressed experiences of the Filipino people are the overwhelming bases of the criminal incompetence, negligence and fascist reign of Duterte. He used the pandemic as facade to his authoritarian measures and has single-handedly destroyed the national economy and even the people’s democratic way of life. The 53% unapproval of the government’s sham response is still modest.

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Unite to defend #CommunityPantriesPh – Anakpawis

“Let us not be confused with the conflicting statements of government officials on community pantries. The real Duterte policy is exactly what the NTF ELCAC is carrying out, led by its spokesperson, the fascist Antonio Parlade. The real bayanihan effort from the masses to the masses, is a specter that haunts every fascist in the government, including National Security adviser Esperon and Duterte,” Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao, Anakpawis Party-list National President and former representative.

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#DuterteResign is key, not US military intervention – Anakpawis

“The fundamental issue here is that Duterte’s adoption of the surrender policy to the imperialist China. It is the very root cause of why the so-called Armed Forces of the Philippines mandated to defend our territory never had any conflict with any Chinese intruders. It even blamed Filipinos who were harassed by Chinese naval vessels for travelling within our territory. Duterte, the AFP, all of the supposedly marine law-enforcing bodies, are all accomplices in the imperialist Chinese flagrant violation of our constitution and existing laws. It is more than enough moral basis to press him to resign as he is the exact opposite of being at the head of the executive branch. He is actually a puppet of imperialist China and a traitor to the Filipino people,” Casilao ended. ###

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Marking Araw ng Kagitingan: Incumbent regime under the control of a foreign power – Anakpawis

“The Filipino people should be united against Chinese aggression in the West Philippine Sea, alongside holding those who betrayed national sovereignty as accountable. We aren’t cheerful that Lorenzana is now with blazing lips against China when his principal, the very Commander-in-Chief is MIA (missing in action). The ‘defense’ secretary seemed to wake up from cryosleep since 2016 when the absurd Chinese claim was demolished by the July 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration,” he slammed.

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